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The Meteorological Centre Ahmedabad was established with the aim of rendering quick and better meteorological services to the Gujarat state. The Meteorological observatory was started on 18th Jan 1893 but the Meteorological Centre, Ahmedabad started functioning from the year 1974. 

The office renders Aviation as well as non aviation services. All types of information relating to weather, viz. weather bulletins, warnings etc. are issued to the public and State Govt., through the most popular media like Press, Doordarshan and Akashwani for the safety of life and property. 

Aviation Services to aeronautical communities are one of the valuable services rendered at Ahmedabad Airport. Current Weather information and route weather forecasts are given to air navigators. 


FORCASTING UNIT (AVIATION AND NON AVIATION) :--Caters to all Meteorological needs of the state including climatology, Met. Data for Industrial site planning etc. 

FLOOD MET. FORECASTING UNIT :- Quantitative precipitation Forecast (QPF) is issued on basin/ sub basin wise, catchments/sub catchments-wise for the major rivers in Gujarat to Central Water Commission during monsoon period. During non-monsoon period the task is to maintain all Hydro meteorological rain gauge stations and preparation of Various reports etc. 

RS/RW Unit:- This unit plays an important role since X-band radar is used to provide the Upper Air Weather Informations which are very much useful for the forecasting. 

AERONAUTICAL MET. INSTRUMENTS UNIT:- Provides direct information of weather parameters prevailing on the runway every half hourly in the form of METAR to Air Traffic Control Tower to enable safe air traffic operation.  

DISTRICT RAINFALL MONITORING SCHEME (DRMS) UNIT :- Monitors District wise rainfall of all (27) districts of the state on daily / weekly / Monthly / Seasonal basis. 

AGRO. MET. ADVISORY UNIT :- Agro-Meteorological Advisory are issued twice a week i.e. every Tuesday and Friday for the benefits of farmers of the state. Locust bulletin is also issued quarterly for tracking of Locust insects.